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We empower engineers and drive our customers’ excellence and innovations! Get your dedicated and secured cloud solution for CAE as a Service, Engineering Web Services or Systems Engineering.

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Our customers

We offer many engineers in small and medium-sized companies and OEMs a secure IT platform for the entire product development process and the entire product life cycle, including all relevant applications.

Thomas Resch

Head of Simulation, Brose Group

We are very satisfied with the service and support of CPU 24/7. Besides their excellent reaction time, what really convinced us is the flexibility and the clear focus on the operating simulation environments as well as the high IT security standard.

Dr. Marcus Meyer

Calculation Engineer, RRD

For nearly 15 years, Rolls-Royce Deutschland has used an external, dedicated HPC environment provided by CPU 24/7 and tailored to our needs. For us, system performance, competent support and the opportunity of project based use and billing of resources is essential.

Alexander Dillmann

Senior Calculation Engineer

The new CPU 24/7 solution not only enables us to parallelize projects, but also to investigate complex and demanding physical processes, such as chemical processes. We were even able to increase our‚ productivity‘, including pre- and post-processing, by 20% last year.

Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik

President & CEO

The demands for shorter development cycles and at the same time verified product improvements are a particular challenge for all industries. In performing extensive multiphysical simulations, on-demand scalable HPC resources enable significant time savings. This is a great advantage. Furthermore the superb service of CPU 24/7 and the high demands on IT security convinced us.

What's the CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud?

The CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud is a secure and dedicated IT platform offering engineers and scientists various IT services for the entire product development process and product life cycle, including all relevant applications for computer-aided engineering (CAE), IoT, machine learning, data science and more.
These services, such as high-performance computing (HPC), data sharing platforms, applications-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service, are provisioned ‘on-demand’ and eliminate expensive upfront investments. By allowing engineers and scientist to focus completely on their engineering tasks, the CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud helps small, medium-sized and large enterprises innovate faster and become more agile.

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Service Portfolio

CAE as a Service

Provision and management of scalable, preconfigured and ready-to-use HPC resources for CAE, including the respective CAE application, to run simulations more quickly and more securely.

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Engineering Web Services

Provision of applications based on a service catalogue (application-as-a service), container platforms (container platform-as-a-service), as well as different collaboration / groupware solutions for  IoT, ML/DL & Data Science.

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Systems Engineering

First-class consulting & solutions to resolve the complexity in product development (PDM), for system life cycle management (SysLM) and variant management.

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What makes the Engineering Cloud special?

About us


Highest security standards

The ISMS of CPU 24/7 is ISO 27001 certified and highest level TISAX accredited. In addition, the CPU 24/7 IT infrastructure is located in a high availability & high security data centre (TIER 4) in Berlin and we also set high security standards when selecting other service providers (ISO 27001).


Personal VIP support

Customers can completely rely on CPU 24/7’s VIP support, ready to deliver personalised and fast support for almost any question or issue. Backed by a vast amount of knowledge, the engineers at CPU 24/7 get the customer’s system benchmarked, configured, tested, operational, tuned-up and updated right on time.


Longstanding expertise

With nearly 15 years of experience and technology expertise in the engineering industry, CPU 24/7 has successfully implemented numerous projects using the latest and most stable cloud technologies.


End to end responsibility

CPU 24/7 assumes end-to-end responsibility for the customers’ projects, from data centre operations and the most suitable and performant physical infrastructure to the sovereignty of all system components (hardware a software) and ongoing services. Contributing to a well thought-out, scalable, individual and secured solution is of utmost importance to CPU 24/7.

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  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Chemicals & LifeScience
  • Maritime & Offshore
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive

Engineering Cloud – The optimal solution for every industry

Whether cloud solutions for single users, for temporary cloud bursting or complete outsourcing, CPU 24/7 always provides a suitable IT environment – backed by nearly 15 years of experience and technology expertise in various industries and exciting cloud projects.


Manufacturers use best-in-class cloud technologies by CPU 24/7 in their manufacturing processes and supply chains for data-driven Systems Engineering, process optimization, predictive maintenance, and services as well as for smart logistics. Streamlining these internal and external manufacturing operations with IoT, AI, and ML helps customers to operate smarter by using connected assets, real-time data analytics and monitoring.


The energy industry (oil & gas) relies heavily on big compute resources, which are invaluable given the high investment costs of oil production. Compute resources are used in geophysical mapping, seismic imaging and reservoir simulation as a means of identifying and investigating potential oil reserves and wells.

Chemicals & LifeScience

Protein dynamics, drug design, infectious disease propagation, bio-sequencing and many other life science applications in medical research require a huge amount of cloud computing resources to enable innovation among life sciences organizations. A research analytics and modelling cloud would provide scalable, economic compute and storage facilities over different locations, together with an easy means of collaboration and data exchange tools.

Maritime & Offshore

In today’s highly competitive marine and offshore industry, it is crucial to be smart and connected at all levels of the value creation chain. A highly sophisticated cloud platform for design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and service quality processes (e.g. Digital Twin) enables digital transformation in the maritime industry.


With their ability to synchronise product development, supply chain, production and maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) strategies across aerospace manufacturers while reducing costs and resources, cloud solutions continue to be a viable option in the aerospace industry.


Manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry require a wide array of IT cloud solutions and services, ranging from smart factory and Internet of Things (IoT) applications that improve quality and efficiency up to product design, engineering and aftermarket services as well as applications that enable new connected vehicles and autonomous driving.

Success stories


CPU 24/7 has developed and provided a standardized cloud solution for Managed Virtual Machines and Kubernetes, which also has been adapted to customer needs.

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Rolls-Royce Germany

The Rolls-Royce Deutschland HPC infrastructure necessary for virtual development of aircraft engines has been hosted and managed successfully by CPU 24/7 for nearly 15 years.

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As part of MEYER WERFT’s digitization process, the decision to take the Engineering Cloud from CPU 24/7 on board has proven to be a profitable solution in a dynamic market.

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Brose Group

CAE employees of Brose business units seat and door systems have the opportunity to use external, specially adapted high performance computing resources on demand.

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When it comes to extensive simulation tasks, MVOID has selected the provider CPU 24/7 to extent internal computing capacities.

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Engineering Cloud summarized

at a Glance

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What is the CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud?

As a secure and dedicated IT platform the Engineering Cloud is offering engineers and scientists various IT services for the entire product development process and product life cycle management (PLM).
These services comprise solutions for CAE as a Service, Engineering Web Services and Systems Engineering and are provisioned ‘on-demand’ and eliminate expensive upfront investments. The CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud enables engineers and scientist to focus completely on their engineering tasks. Thus, we help small, medium-sized and large enterprises to innovate faster and become more agile.

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Highest security standards

The security of your data is at the centre of our services. Our services comply with the strictest security requirements. The ISMS of CPU 24/7 is ISO 27001 certified and TISAX (highest level) accredited. Your data is processed in our high availability and high security data centre (compliance with TIER 4) in Berlin, Germany, and is handled in accordance with the GDPR. For communication, we always use secure, industry standard, and authenticated connections and protocols with basic encryption (e.g. SCP, SSH or FTPS). CPU 24/7 solutions are based on dedicated and private IT infrastructure and thus its use is confined to the specific client. Customers and their data are isolated by completely separate systems. Contact us for individual agreements and additional services.

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More scalable, more faster, more services.

First, customers have a demand-based, dynamic access to scalable computing resources on hardware and software with short provisioning times guaranteed.
Second, there are no initial or follow-up costs for resources, licences and staff. The charges are based on the actual use.
Third, through the application of more powerful computing resources, results can be achieved more quickly, making it possible to utilise licences more effectively.
Last but not least: an extensive range of service and support facilities gives engineers more scope to focus on their own core competencies. As the cloud service provider, we manage the licences, establish a well-functioning working environment, and select the most suitable hardware configuration.

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Fields of application

Covering the entire product development & product life cycle

The CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud is designed for engineers and scientists in various industries, e.g. the automotive, aerospace, maritime & offshore, manufacturing, chemicals, energy, and life science sectors. The IT services provided here can be used throughout the entire product development process and life cycle. This includes all relevant applications for computer-aided engineering (CFD, CSM) as well as multi-design optimization and 3D visualisation. But that’s not all: we offer customised and secure solutions for all the ‘smart’ fields, such as IoT, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and data science

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Excellent services, fair and transparent pricing.

CPU 24/7 provides customers with a fair and transparent pricing model which includes comprehensive support from highly skilled cloud experts, and there are no hidden costs for data traffic and storage. Discount pricing options based on volume or contract period are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us and request your individual quote without any obligation.

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Set up a free test environment

We provide an easy, try-before-you-buy, no-cost access to a small cloud test environment, including full support. This gives you the opportunity to securely connect to remote resources in the CPU 24/7 cloud in order to evaluate tools for account access, job submission to execute batch solver jobs, tools to test the interactive performance of applications and file transfer speeds.

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IAV integrates subsidiary CPU 24/7

Engineering company IAV is integrating the wholly owned subsidiary, which currently has 20 employees, into its own corporate processes…

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aCAE Grand Challenge in Hanau 2020

CPU 24/7 – Exhibitor at automotive CAE Grand Challenge in Hanau

On September 29 2020, simulation engineers and experts of CAE (computer-aided engineering) will congregate…

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