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We empower engineers and drive our customers excellence and innovations!

CPU 24/7 GmbH is Germany’s No. 1 Engineering Cloud Provider.

Based in Potsdam, Germany, since 2006, CPU 24/7 GmbH, has been successfully supporting the digitalisation of many companies in the fields of industrial and scientific engineering, e.g. in the automotive, aerospace, maritime & offshore, manufacturing, chemicals, energy, and life science industries.

The CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud is a secure and dedicated IT platform offering engineers and scientists various IT services for the entire product development process and product life cycle, including all relevant applications for computer-aided engineering (CAE), IoT, machine learning, deep learning, data science and more.

These services, such as high-performance computing (HPC), data sharing platforms, applications-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service, are provisioned ‘on-demand’ and eliminate expensive upfront investments. By allowing engineers and scientist to focus completely on their engineering tasks, the CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud helps small, medium-sized and large enterprises innovate faster and become more agile.

The ISMS of CPU 24/7 is ISO 27001 certified & TISAX accredited. Furthermore, CPU 24/7 IT infrastructure is located in a high-availability & high-security data center (TIER 4) in Berlin.

Since 2018, CPU 24/7 has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of IAV GmbH, one of the world’s leading engineering partners in the automotive industry.

What makes engineering cloud special?


Highest security standards

The ISMS of CPU 24/7 is ISO 27001 certified and TISAX (highest level) accredited. In addition, the CPU 24/7 IT infrastructure is located in a high availability & high security data centre (TIER 4) in Berlin and we also set high security standards when selecting other service providers (ISO 27001).


Personal VIP support

Customers can completely rely on CPU 24/7’s VIP support, ready to deliver personalised and fast support for almost any question or issue. Backed by a vast amount of knowledge, the engineers at CPU 24/7 get the customer’s system bench- marked, configured, tested, operational, tuned-up and updated right on time.


Longstanding expertise

With nearly 15 years of experience and technology expertise in the engineering industry, CPU 24/7 has successfully implemented numerous projects using the latest and most stable cloud technologies.


End to end responsibilty

CPU 24/7 assumes end-to-end responsibility for customers’ projects, from data centre operations and the most suitable and performant physical infrastructure to the sovereignty of all system components and ongoing services. Contributing to a well thought-out, scalable, individual and secured solution is of utmost importance to CPU 24/7.

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We are a team of specialists, engineers, tinkerer, compliance experts, creative minds, monitoring supervisors, technology scouts, research and computer scientists…

Karsten Gierke

General Manager

Jenny Dawon

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Dr.-Ing. Michael Reichel

Business Manager System Engineering

Daniel Gülzow

Head of Sales & Business Engineering

Christian Unger

Head of Service Delivery