Dedicated Enterprise HPC Cluster

Brose employs more than 100 computational engineers worldwide. CAE employees of the business units seat and door systems have the opportunity to use external, specially adapted high performance computing resources on demand.

All business units of the Brose Group have continued growing in the past year: door systems remain on top. Seat systems optimized its market position and benefited particularly from the strong demand for premium vehicles and SUVs.


Thomas Resch

Head of Simulation

We are very satisfied with the service and support of CPU 24/7. Besides their excellent reaction time, what really convinced us is the flexibility and the clear focus on the operating simulation environments as well as the high IT security standard.

Growth as the driving force

This strong growth faces a couple of challenges in research and development as well as in the production cycle: shorter product development periods, increasing complexity in mechatronical systems, requirements of customer specific model processing and higher quality standards for security.

Scalable and dedicated HPC environments

The number of necessary computing procedures is subject to significant – and sometimes spontaneous – fluctuations, which is why demands on computing resources are difficult to plan. To cope with internal HPC server peak loads Brose chose the provider CPU 24/7. Internal computing capacities are expanded by external resources in Germany that are available for computational engineers for more than one year.
CPU 24/7 offers Brose access to a scalable, customized HPC simulation environment for the calculation of different CAE tasks, as for example crash simulations of seat structures and latch systems. This dedicated and preconfigured (“ready-to-use”) CAEaaS infrastructure can be used in different locations. The security required is ensured by protocols with basic encryption and a VPN tunnel with an additional firewall. Furthermore, individual security and servicelevel-agreements were compiled.

Advantages of this solution

  • Flexible access to scalable, customized bare metal HPC resources which are hosted in Germany
  • First level support by HPC and CAE specialists with clearly defined reaction and response times and monthly reporting
  • Predictable billing for the department

About Brose

Brose is the fifth‐largest family‐owned automotive supplier in the world. Every second new vehicle uses mechatronic systems from Brose in their doors, seats or electric engines. More than 24.000 employees in 60 locations and 23 countries generated a turnover of more than 6.1 billion EUR in 2015. Brose invests 8 % of these sales into research and development. Whether it is lightweight construction, electronically commutated engines or door and seat systems: a variety of patents confirms the strong innovative power of the Brose Group.||||

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