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FaSTTUBe is a student project of Technische Universität (TU) Berlin, which is dedicated to the development and production of racing cars. FaSTTUBe has been taking part in the Formula Student since 2005. In addition to a combustion engine, FaSTTUBe also develops and builds full electric and driverless vehicles. FaSTTUBe organizes itself: The students arrange construction, production, project management and finances on their own.

Without a professional way of working under real conditions, FaSTTUBe could hardly be that successful at formula student events. In the last few years, the team achieved top results in the categories Cost & Manufacturing Report, Skid Pad and even got 3rd place in the BASF Best Use of 3D Printing Award. Numerous sponsors support the students in their daily work – for example with tools, services or know-how.

Kevin Eichner-Lisboa

FaSTTUBe Aero Performance-Front Wing, underbody:

Without CPU 24/7 we wouldn’t be able to implement the project to the level we are at now. CPU 24/7 enables us to maximize development capacities by providing HPC resources tailored to FaSTTUBe and personal support. These are an essential part of successful participation in the Formula Student competitions.

Industry-level CFD

CPU 24/7 – itself originating from a 2006 project at the TU Berlin – equips tomorrow’s engineers with high-performance computing resources (HPC) from the cloud for five years so far. These services enable the students of aero/ carbon team to simulate vehicle flows at industry level using established fluid mechanics methods (CFD).

Before: Insufficient simulation capacities to calculate flow resistance

An efficient way of working, continuous improvement and maintaining competitiveness are the guiding principles of the committed aero /carbon team.

“Our main goal in CFD is to generate as much downforce as possible so that the racing car can turn faster. This also increases the overall performance of the vehicle,” explains Kevin Eichner-Lisboa (FaSTTUBe Aero Performance Front Wing, underbody).

After creating a geometry, irrelevant elements that are not directly flowed around are filtered out and the aerodynamic simulation starts immediately. “Each simulation contains only one change. The results are compared with the current baseline. The respective changes are further refined in the following simulations. The baseline is assimilated every 3-4 weeks. Such short development cycles require continuous, fast and complex simulations that assume high computing power.”

This kind of performance was not sufficiently available at an earlier point from now. Before CPU 24/7 had been supporting FaSTTUBe, the engineering students executed calculations on their own laptops. In order to increase their development cycles, FaSTTUBe urgently needed more computing capacity.

After: Reaching benchmarks faster with highly customized HPC resources

“Fortunately CPU 24/7 approached us at the right time. With ready-to-use cloud computing resources, we are now simulating many times faster and much more efficiently.” These HPC resources include four servers with 12 cores each and 48 GB RAM, as well as the corresponding storage space for the simulations. By using permanent remote desktop access to the machines and an adapted queueing system, the students are able to carry out aerodynamic simulations independently. A pre-installed working environment with Ansys Fluent software (students bring their own licenses) as well as competent and fast support, e.g. when setting up new features, saves valuable time for engineering.

Time to develop, improve and finally win the formula student.

Advantages of this solution:

  • Permanent access to high-end HPC resources for short simulation runtimes
  • Highly customized, ready-to-use working environment with suitable CAE software and queueing system
  • First level support from HPC and CAE specialists with short response times

Car simulation FaSTTUBe

About FaSTTUBe

FaSTTUBe is a project led by committed students who are interested in motorsport that produces racing cars on their own, from design to competition. 80 students from TU Berlin, currently studying engineering, business and other fields organize, manage and plan the entire process in a highly professional manner, which is geared to successful companies.


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