Dedicated Enterprise HPC Cluster

About two years ago, the shipbuilding company MEYER WERFT decided to outsource CFD calculations externally and set out in search of potential partners. Alexander Dillmann, Senior Calculation Engineer at MEYER WERFT: “Flexibility and customer-oriented thinking is one of the strengths of our team. We can only maintain these qualities if our partners also strive for the same project philosophy, and that‘s why CPU 24/7 really convinced us.”

Alexander Dillmann

Senior Calculation Engineer

The new CPU 24/7 solution not only enables us to parallelize projects, but also to investigate complex and demanding physical processes, such as chemical processes. We were even able to increase our‚ productivity‘, including pre- and post-processing, by 20% last year.

Keeping up with today's challenges

The traditional company MEYER WERFT has been manufacturing special ships such as cruise liners, passenger ships, ferries and gas tankers for more than 215 years. At the sites in Papenburg, Rostock and in Turku, Finland, more than 3,300 employees work on the shipping of tomorrow. While in the 18th century MEYER WERFT was concerned with perfecting wooden shipbuilding or later revolutionizing steam engines, today‘s engineers face quite different challenges.

Using flexible supercomputing resources is the key

The family-owned company has a responsibility to respond to the growing demand from cruise liners in an innovative way. The development of new environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies is central to all shipyard work.

In order to meet this challenge, MEYER WERFT decided in 2016 to bring the engineering cloud provider CPU 24/7 on board due to insufficient HPC capacities.
Since then, the simulation engineers at MEYER WERFT have been working closely with the HPC specialists from CPU 24/7 and are profiting sustainably from the many years of experience in dealing with the STAR-CCM+ simulation software.

“CPU 24/7 has provided us with a highly qualified and motivated team as well as a customized architecture, adapted exactly to our applications and workfl ows.“, says Alexander Dillmann. For the peak loads that occur several times a year –which cannot be handled by engineers’ desktops – flexible and project-based access to exclusively provided and adapted HPC resources in the Engineering Cloud provides a quick remedy.

Engineering Cloud as a profitable solution for a dynamic market

As part of MEYER WERFT’s digitization process, the decision to take the Engineering Cloud from CPU 24/7 on board has proven to be a profi table solution. With the help of external computational resources, queues are
now reduced, results delivered faster and engineers given the opportunity to run more simulations simultaneously. Thus, a costly increase in internal computing resources could be counteracted, while full utilization of the already existing infrastructure was secured.



The Papenburg-based MEYER WERFT was founded in 1795 and has been family-owned for seven generations.
Over the past decades, MEYER WERFT has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. The company is best known for the construction of large, modern and sophisticated cruise ships. To date, the shipyard has built 42 cruise liners for demanding clients from around the world.

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