MSC Software / Hexagon

Everything you need to know about how using MSC Software on CPU 24/7

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What MSC software is running on CPU 24/7?

  • MSC Marc
  • MSC Nastran
  • MSC Adams
  • more available on request
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Get your license

  • Bring-your-own-license: remote access to the customer’s license server
  • License procurement via CPU 24/7
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License Models

License models and settlement

  • On-demand with MSC One: per hour & per token
  • Perpetual: static, dedicated license
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  • All versions available (newest version a few days after release)
  • Changeable on-the-fly
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  • ThinLinc: secure remote desktop
  • NoMachine NX: Secure, encrypted remote access
  • VNC: Standard remote visualization
  • Secure protocols: SSH, SFTP
  • CAE application: GUI or batch mode
  • Remote Visualisation with 3D Acceleration: NICE DCV
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Good to know

  • Operating System is Linux
  • Using MSC One on Resource Area requires an accreditation process by MSC Software.
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