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MVOID is a globally recognized, owner-operated development company in virtual acoustics and sound design and expert in the modeling of simulation processes. MVOID’s multidisciplinary simulation solutions combine a digital physics approach and auralization.

Engineering analyses, modeling, simulation and systems engineering are becoming even more embedded in the product development process across all industries in every part of the world.
Expectations on the accuracy and speed of simulation methods are becoming increasingly important, not ultimately thanks to shorter development cycles and the increasing expansion of the model ranges.

Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik

President & CEO

The demands for shorter development cycles and at the same time verified product improvements are a particular challenge for all industries. In performing extensive multiphysical simulations, on-demand scalable HPC resources enable signifi cant time savings. This is a great advantage. Furthermore the superb service of CPU 24/7 and the high demands on IT security convinced us.

Developing products with acoustical properties in the virtual space

The guiding principle of MVOID’s methodology (= Multidisciplinary Virtually Optimized Industrial Design) is to develop products with acoustical properties in the virtual space by multidisciplinary simulation. Creating a simple decision-making basis for product improvements. The multidisciplinary simulations are based on the CAD data of the products.

Solving extensive simulation tasks

The more extensive the simulation models, the more computing power is required. For instance, when simulating the complete acoustics of a vehicle you will receive an extremely high data volume. By using an HPC cluster, tasks can be divided on multiple ‘nodes’. Math tasks are solved parallel in a high-performance computer network. The individual computers of the cluster are connected via a fast network and available on “demand”. This way simulation times can be drastically reduced. In particular, for research purposes, when extensive simulation tasks, such as the calculation of non-linear effects or the simulation of multiple versions for optimization, are necessary, MVOID has selected the provider CPU 24/7. Internal computing capacities are expanded by CPU 24/7 resources in Germany. The security required is ensured by protocols with encryption and a VPN tunnel with an additional firewall. Furthermore, individual security and service level agreements were compiled.

Advantages at a glance

  • For extensive multidisciplinary simulations, which require extremely high data volume, the usage of on-demand scalable HPC resources is a major benefit. Simulation time can be significantly reduced.
  • Flexible access to scalable, customized HPC resources which are hosted in Germany.
  • Superb support by HPC and CAE experts and monthly reporting.



MVOID is a pioneer and expert in virtual acoustics and sound design with the focus on mobility. The MVOID product suite ranges from feasibility analysis up to the realization and implementation of virtual acoustics and sound design throughout the entire product development process. Moreover, MVOID offers the MVOID knowledge transfer in personalized training sessions. MVOID‘s customers include OEMs and partners of the international mobility industry and others. MVOID was founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2011. ||||

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