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Dedicated Enterprise HPC Cluster

More than 7.000 engines made in Brandenburg are currently in use worldwide and the engineers in Dahlewitz were involved in the development of many more, including the “Trent” engines used in the Airbus A380, A330 and A430 airplanes. The engineers draft, simulate and test models of engine parts, using CAE software. In daily use these tools require increasingly specialized High Performance Computing (HPC) power.

Dr. Marcus Meyer

Calculation Engineer

For 10 years, Rolls-Royce Deutschland has used an external, dedicated HPC environment provided by CPU 24/7 and tailored to our needs. For us, system performance, competent support and the opportunity of project based use and billing of resources is essential.

Flexible use of resources
and HPC support
as a challenge

CPU 24/7 enables the engineers to use and bill HPC resources dynamically and on a project basis while benefiting from proper support.

Dedicated CAE
as a Service solution

For 10 years, CPU 24/7 has provided a dedicated state of the art HPC cluster environment exclusively for Rolls-Royce Deutschland, billed on a core hour basis as an all-inclusive package. A VPN tunnel and a dedicated line ensure security and performance. This particular environment is comprised of over 5.000 cores and provides around 70 users in different departments with various CAE applications. This cluster system is further developed and optimized to suit the customer’s requirements. This way, coupled simulations with CPU 24/7 run five times as fast as simulations on local workstations. Extensive Service Level Agreements and a System Security Policy govern support, security, access and availability, among other things.

of this solution

  • Flexible and project-based access to HPC resources exclusively provided for RRD
  • First-Level-Support provided by HPC and CAE experts, with guaranteed reaction and response times
  • Predictable billing for departments

About Rolls-Royce

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