as a Service

CAE as a Service

Get your flexible, customer-specific and ‘ready-to-use’ HPC resources, including the respective CAE application and most suitable license model

Most computer-aided engineering (CAE) computations require the latest and fastest high-performance computer (HPC) hardware and software technologies to keep up with the demand from the ever-growing complexities in these models.
And only a perfectly designed, configured and operated HPC system will be able to operate at peak performance.

CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud provides flexible, pre-configured and ‘ready-to-use’ HPC resources, including the right CAE application to run your simulations much more quickly and securely.

Such CAEaaS HPC systems include high-performance servers, specialised high-throughput network components, as well as simulation application software, complex configuration management and – of course – comprehensive security measures to protect important intellectual property.


Our Core services for CAE as a Service

HPC Essentials

  • Hosting of HPC systems
  • License Management
  • Software Installation
  • Operations | Maintenance | Tuning of HPC systems
  • Reporting | Analysis

Full service VIP support

  • Personal and individual, in German and English by telephone, email or ticket system
  • Initial user specific configuration
  • Upgrading/Updating of software
  • Trouble shooting


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Design of highly customised HPC clusters (test and/or productive systems

IT Security

  • ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System
  • TISAX approved
  • Data security
  • Dedicated and private CAEaaS infrastructure
  • Secure channels and protocols

Find the CAE as a Service
cloud ecosystem you wish for


Engineering Cloud

Managed private cloud solution in CPU 24/7’s high security data center


  • Using CPU 24/7 cluster resources in ISO 27001 certified German data centre
  • TISAX-compliant setup and operation of physical (bare-metal) HPC resources and according to customer requirements
  • Implementation of company guidelines (compliance) and individual agreements
  • Secured connection via VPN or dedicated line


Engineering Cloud

Managed public cloud solution on AWS or Microsoft Azure, including several services


  • Managed centralized enterprise solution on AWS for the entire company, including:
    • Account management
    • Implementation of company guidelines (compliance)
    • Connection of company networks via secured transit zones
    • Service provider control
    • Monitoring, reporting and centralized billing automation
  • Development and operation of managed services in AWS (+ Microsoft Azure)



Engineering Cloud

Managed hybrid cloud solution with different secure connection options


  • Ad hoc scaling to cover peak loads (auto scaling)
  • Connection via secure cloud connectors
  • TISAX-compliant setup and operation of hybrid cloud services according to customer requirements


Connection options:

  • CPU 24/7 cluster resources to on-premise customer systems
  • Public cloud resources to CPU 24/7 systems
  • On-premise customer systems to public cloud resources


CAE software catalogue

On-demand licenses | premium ISV partnerships


As official Cloud Hosting Partners, ANSYS and CPU 24/7 have partnered since 2014, providing customers with a well-integrated and optimised HPC environment for any ANSYS application running on CPU 24/7’s HPC servers.

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Through our  longstanding partnership with AVL, CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud offers an on-demand license usage model for AVL Fire™.

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MSC Software

CPU 24/7 and MSC Software have been cooperating for years in order to serve them with high-performance hardware, the latest software and the appropriate licenses.

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With NUMECA On-Demand. NUMECA customers can rent HPC resources and NUMECA licenses as a ready-to-use bundle on-demand and use it remotely.

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Bring your
own license


Find your CAE as a Service solution

Enterprise Cloud

For engineers and scientists who prefer to commit to a long-term and individual solution

  • provides highly customised HPC cluster solutions
  • exclusively built, operated and maintained for the customer, according to specific use cases and requirements in terms of the hardware, network, simulations, security, compliance or software/licences
  • particularly interesting for large enterprises and SMB customers

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On-demand Cloud

For engineers and scientists who prefer to come and go as they wish

  • booking via booking platform Resource Area
  • platform provides project-based, standard HPC server and network configurations and several complete application software stacks for high-performance CAE jobs
  • particularly interesting for SMB customers and smaller projects

State-of-the-art HPC technology

State of the art CPU’s

  • Normally the latest and the fastest Intel and AMD series of processors
  • For security, performance, customization and flexibility reasons: customers usually get a non-virtualised, customized simulation environment with access to (physical) bare-metal servers

Storage, Network & Accelleration

  • High performance, parallel file system with data tiering and several replication levels
  • Latest InfiniBand network connection
  • Use of offload architecture / acceleration engines (Xeon Phi, FPGAs)

Benchmarks in coordination with ISV, continuous cluster and software (e.g. MPI) optimization and tuning make sure that servers not just run smoothly but also faster.

Easy access and secure data transfer

Maintaining user productivity applies in particular to effective remote access to the CAEaaS infrastructure, including 3D graphics, and to efficient and secure transfer of large volumes of data.

Moving data in and out

  • Data Transfer via secure protocols: SCP, FTPS
  • Symmetrical connection with up to 10 GBit/s

Remote Access and Tools

  • ThinLinc: secure remote desktop
  • NoMachine NX: Secure, encrypted remote access
  • VNC: Standard remote visualization
  • Secure protocols: SSH, FTPS
  • CAE application: GUI or batch mode

Pre- and post-processing

Remote Visualisation with 3D Acceleration: efficient and optimised remote access to graphics-intensive, ready-to-use 3D applications, irrespective of the network speed and latency (e.g. NICE DCV or FastX from StarNet)

We empower engineers,

much more quickly and securely

Quicker results and
faster time to market

CPU 24/7 always provides the latest powerful computing resources. Whether for CFD, structural analysis or multi-physics – our IT experts develop the optimal solution for your needs. The result is more efficiency and better utilization of licenses … and ultimately, a faster time to market.

Minimising cost and risk through fully scalable resources

Customers are on a tight schedule, and the market is unpredictable. We set up the required infrastructure very quickly, and thanks to a “pay as go” model we are always ready to scale and giving you the ability to launch HPC resources as needed to meet computing demands, even of a single workload or during the early stages of a new project.

Fostering collaboration and highly dedicated infrastructure

We build bridges between your inhouse IT, engineering, legal, and purchasing departments. To develop a solution with high usability, we need the right people all at one table. We welcome challenges related to legal affairs, compliance, data privacy and protection – and the interaction between humans and technology is not new to us. We love to solve our clients’ problems in close collaboration and design a highly customised and dedicated HPC solution featuring integrated workflows and applications.