Web Services

Engineering Web Services

Customer-specific and scalable IT platforms and applications smoothly integrated into the customer‘s IT landscape

Whether you need infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), container-platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), secure measurement data and data exchange platforms, or several collaboration/groupware solutions, our Engineering Web Services (EWS) department provides you with customised and secure solutions spanning the entire DevOps toolchain for all the ‘smart’ areas in the engineering field, including IoT, machine learning, deep learning and data science. Our very goal is to ensure a customer-specific, solution-oriented and smooth integration and networking of individual tools into the customer‘s IT landscape.


Engineering Web Services – Share, collaborate, communicate and manage your projects so easily


Sharing Services to securely exchange data with customers or external project partners, for example with Nextcloud hosted by CPU 24/7.


Collaboration Services to develop together with customers or external project partners, for example in a project-related Nextcloud,  Gitlab or Atlassian Jira/Confluence securely hosted by CPU 24/7.


Communication Services for both internal and external purposes as well as for events, or to communicate on a project-related basis, for example via Rocket.Chat or Jitsi securely hosted by CPU 24/7.


Platform-as-a-Service options to, for example, orchestrate or deploy their own container solutions in their e.g. Kubernetes cluster, which is managed safely and securely by CPU 24/7.

Our Core Services for EWS

EWS Essentials

  • Setup and operation of test and /or productive platforms /applications
  • Integration and networking of several individual tools
  • Setup and operation of a VPN connection (VPN as a Service)
  • Setup and operation of data bases
  • Setup and operation of a Docker registry
  • Reporting | Analysis (Monitoring as a Service)

Full service VIP support

  • Personal and individual, in German and English by telephone, email or ticket system
  • Administration services tailored to your needs
  • Initial user specific configuration
  • Upgrading/Updating of software
  • Trouble shooting


  • Requirements analysis
  • Design of the most suitable platform / infrastructure as test and/or productive system

IT Security

  • ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System
  • TISAX approved
  • Data security
  • Dedicated and private IT infrastructure
  • Secure channels and protocols

Find the EWS cloud ecosystem
you wish for


Engineering Cloud

Managed private cloud solution in CPU 24/7’s high security data center


  • Using CPU 24/7 cluster resources in ISO 27001 certified German data centre
  • TISAX-compliant setup and operation of physical (bare-metal) HPC resources and according to customer requirements
  • Implementation of company guidelines (compliance) and individual agreements
  • Secured connection via VPN or dedicated line


Engineering Cloud

Managed public cloud solution on AWS or Microsoft Azure, including several services


  • Managed centralized enterprise solution io AWS for the entire company, including:
    • Account management
    • Implementation of company guidelines (compliance)
    • Connection of company networks via secured transit zones
    • Service provider control
    • Monitoring, reporting and centralized billing automation
  • Development and operation of managed services in AWS (+ Microsoft Azure)
    • IoT solutions
    • Kubernetes, Nextcloud etc.
    • Highly customised solutions (e.g. SaaS)



Engineering Cloud

Managed hybrid cloud solution with different secure connection options


  • Ad hoc scaling to cover peak loads (auto scaling)
  • Connection via secure cloud connectors
  • TISAX-compliant setup and operation of hybrid cloud services according to customer requirements

Connection options:

  • CPU 24/7 cluster resources to on-premise customer systems
  • Public cloud resources to CPU 24/7 systems
  • On-premise customer systems to public cloud resources


Service catalogue for EWS

Platform services

Kubernetes Platform

Kubernetes is awesome

Kubernetes on CPU 24/7 offers more flexibility and elasticity on both a compute and storage level for dealing with variable workload peaks, with short provisioning times guaranteed.

Virtual Machine Platform

Openstack is great

Openstack CPU 24/7 offers a highly available virtual machine platform with secure and isolated networking for easily scaling your resources up and down.

Bare-Metal Platform

Metal as a Service is lovely

Looking for a performant and secure platform service? Metal as a Service (MAAS) gives you automated server provisioning and easy network setup for your physical servers in the cloud.

Machine Learning Platform

Kubeflow is marvellous

As a machine learning platform, Kubeflow helps to deploy ML workflows on Kubernetes in a very portable and scalable way.

Applications as a service


Securely exchange data with customers or external project partners with Nextcloud .


Communicate on a project-related basis via video conference tool Jitsi.


Communicate on a project-related basis via Rocket.Chat.

Atlassian Tools

Develop together with customers or external project partners in a project-related Jira/Confluence.


Develop together with customers or external project partners in a project-related Gitlab.


Harbor is a trustworthy cloud registry that stores, signs, and scans container images for vulnerabilities.

We empower engineers

much more faster and secure

Highly available

Our Engineering Web Services team provides high availability and resiliency for our customers’ workloads. When setting up robust production systems, minimising downtime and service interruptions are always our high priority.

Easy scalable resources

Customers have a demand-based, dynamic access to scalable compute and storage resources with short provisioning times guaranteed.

Always up-to-date
and secure

CPU 24/7 provides you with the most up to date and stable version of your required software and carries out a well-integrated, effective patch and change management to prevent operating faults and minimise security vulnerabilities, which can be quickly resolved. CPU 24/7 ensures that patches are compatible on test systems before implementing them in production.

Creating new solution
together with our customers

Starting with an initial proof of concept (PoC) phase, a further specification of requirements and features, and subsequent learning phases, we develop the optimal IT solutions for our customers and are not afraid of complexity and breaking new grounds. We welcome the challenge and love to solve our clients’ problems in close collaboration.