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You would like to share files and work results with

your colleagues, customers and partners?

Or even better, collaborate with them right away?
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Why Nextcloud at CPU 24/7?

Customized service

We care not only about Nextcloud Hosting, but also about your daily questions and wishes: You need a new branding? Or individual instances for different customers? A change in data retention? GDPR information?

Secure hosting

We offer secure Nextcloud Hosting in Germany, combined with a sophisticated backup concept to secure your data.

Automotive references

We are proud to serve demanding customers within the automotive market. Our clients and their customers are very sensitive about data, exchange many small and very large files, use special data formats and require TISAX- certification.

Secure access

We offer integration that perfectly attaches to
your IT and cloud compliance strategy:
Connection to your AD or partner ADs, admin access only from the corporate network and two-factor authentication.

Your benefits with Nextcloud


Focus on the content of your work instead of technical details. The focus of Nextcloud is on collaboration instead of working in individual documents that require time-consuming assembly.


Your Nextcloud environment can be customized and used according to your ideas and wishes. For example, we integrate apps for sophisticated search or develop automatic metadata extraction, integration of IoT data streams and much more.


You can see at a glance with whom you share which data and what rights others have. Nextcloud provides transparent access to data on any storage.

Open Source

Open source brings many advantages. The most obvious: You only pay for hosting and our support. There are no license costs in the classic sense.
And the best advantage: Applications are constantly being added.

Nextcloud functions

Your data at a glance

Strengthen your collaboration

Share, edit and organize your documents together.

Work on your smartphone

Nextcloud allows you to work mobile on your smartphone.

Organize your work life

You can include your calendar, contacts and mails in Nextcloud.

Nextcloud cost structure

For the setup

one-time costs

To set up, configure and customize the service.


monthly costs

Depending on the used storage and number of separate instances.

In price


  • Traffic Basic Package
  • Platform Support
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Licenses
  • Usage Statistics
  • Backup

Your path to the Nextcloud

We offer a Nextcloud that fits your IT and is not "off the shelf" - therefore we also need a few measurements


Short video call to get to know your needs



Elaboration of an offer including connection concept.


On request: Presentation of the concept in a video conference with you


Implementation, start-up and, if necessary, transition of existing tools according to your ideas.

What our customers say

What we develop moves you.


With more than 35 years of experience and an unsurpassed range of expertise, IAV GmbH brings together the best from a wide variety of worlds: Automotive and IT world, hardware and software world, product and service world.






Full disclosure: CPU 24/7 GmbH is a subsidiary of IAV GmbH

Marius Schraven

Product Owner

As a premium service provider, we want to work collaboratively with our customers and other partners. The Nextcloud software offers many useful features and very good usability. With CPU 24/7 GmbH, we have found a partner who manages the service excellently in terms of IT compliance and security.