IT Security

CPU 24/7 Engineering Cloud complies
with highest security requirements

ISO 27001 certified information security management system & TISAX-accredited

CPU 24/7 is TISAX accredited (highest level) and the CPU 24/7 information security management system (ISMS) is ISO 27001 certified! The security of your data is at the centre of our services. Our IT infrastructure is located in a high-availability and high-security data centre (comply with TIER 4) in Berlin. Find out more about the facility and the security processes of our provider E-Shelter here

Data security

Your data is processed in our German high-security data centre and is handled according to GDPR. Contact us for individual agreements and additional services.

Dedicated and private IT infrastructure

CPU 24/7 solutions are not based on a shared IT infrastructure and consequently, its use is confined to the specific client. Customers and their data will be isolated by completely separate systems. In technical terms, the connection and operation are equivalent to adding another business location.

Secure channels and protocols

For communication, we always use secure, industry-standard, and authenticated connections and protocols with basic encryption (e.g. SCP, SSH, or FTPS). As part of individual security agreements, encrypted VPN connections or dedicated lines are also a valid option. With our Engineering Cloud, we set up individual, enterprise-class security and availability agreements as well as wide-ranging confidentiality agreements, service level agreements, or a system security policy.