Public Cloud Services

Managed Public Cloud Services

Centralized and customized public cloud solutions from a single source on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Securely managed by CPU 24/7.

Unlimited scalability, global availability, innovative services, cost-efficiency: Public cloud solutions from Amazon Webservices (AWS) or Microsoft Azure are an attractive form of service provision for IT infrastructures, platforms and software for the engineering of tomorrow. Architecture selection, connection, billing, monitoring and IT security can, however, be opaque and time-consuming. Here customers are mostly on their own.

CPU 24/7 manages your public cloud environment on AWS or Azure – needs-based, secure and from a single source.

Use the advantages of public clouds and free yourself from the increasing complexity and effort involved in setting up and operating your public cloud infrastructure. As a cloud and DevOps partner, we advise and support you on the infrastructure, platform and software level and monitor the availability of your services.

Our experts set up your respective public cloud environment and manage your accounts centrally. We pay strict attention to your compliance guidelines and ensure a secure connection to your company location.

Our customers can choose their application for the respective public cloud environment: either you use our managed services for CAE as a Service or Engineering Web Services, or you provide them yourself.

Service Portfolio for Public Cloud Services

Centralized Account Management

Central administration of AWS / Azure environments & accounts from a single source

  • Selection, setup and maintenance of the respective customer environments
  • Centralized billing
  • Ensuring compliance and auditability
  • European place of jurisdiction & data storage in Germany

Compliance, Reporting, Monitoring

Adhering to & ensuring the company’s internal compliance requirements

  • Checking and monitoring of established systems for breaches of compliance
  • Internal and external guidelines (e.g. CIS, NIST) can be integrated
  • Flexible reporting on the status of cloud compliance

Secure connection of the company location

Communication takes place exclusively via secure channels

  • Secure WAN connection:
    • Instances accessible via the Internet
    • Secure connection via SSH, remote desktop, etc.
  • VPN connection:
    • Instances cannot be reached via the Internet – only via VPN
    • VPN tunnel (e.g. IPsec) terminates at the cloud instances or in a dedicated transit zone

CPU 24/7 Managed Services

CAE as a Service

Map your CAE workflows. Auto-scaling, flexible hardware configuration included.

Possible use cases:

  • CAE workstation on-demand
  • Dynamic CAE cluster for ad-hoc scaling / cloud bursts

More about CAE as a Service

Engineering Web Services

Use globally distributed services with local entry points.

Possible use cases:

  • Marketing of own digital services
  • Collaboration with other locations, customers and partners
  • Artificial intelligence, IoT, data science

We empower engineers,

much more quickly and securely.

More flexibility through unlimited scalability

Depending on the volume of the project, your environment can be expanded or reduced quickly and easily, even in times of peak loads (cloud burst).

High cost-efficiency thanks to pay-per-use

Regardless of whether you only want to start the resources for a few hours or temporarily short-term peaks, billing is based on demand. You only pay for what you ultimately used.

Collaboration and availability through global connection

Globally distributed services with local entry points promote collaborative work through high-performance processing and storage of data and a high level of reliability.

Less administrative effort, more time for core business

The selection, operation, maintenance and management of IT resources by cloud experts with many years of experience give you more space to focus on your own core competencies.