Data-Driven Systems Engineering

Consulting services & solutions to resolve the complexity in product development (PDM), for system life cycle management (SysLM) and variant management.

Systems Engineering copes with ever-increasing complexities of a specific product which is under development. Growing hardware and software interdependencies, along with continually releasing new functions and updates with state-of-the-art technological approaches, renders Systems engineering indispensable.

Besides your product inherits new challenges and requirements with its ability to connect to the outside world and its transition to being one of a million IoT (Internet of things) devices. This change involves not only constrains but also more data and hence, more possibilities to create more customer values. The development from a simple offline product to a highly connected and smart mechatronic system is the focus of CPU 24/7‘s Systems Engineering team: We focus on data-driven systems development. And we understand data as a chance to:

  • Reveal dark data of your product‘s environment
  • Enable your team to think of what they can do with data
  • Make dependencies to your product‘s surrounding visible

CPU 24/7 helps companies resolve the complexity and create new perspectives by predominantly offering consultation, a problem-centric analysis of the current system as well as plausible improvements and potential benefits.

What do you get out of Data Driven Systems Engineering?

Fields of work at CPU 24/7

We enable you to develop sustainably by putting data into the right context:

  • Creating and maintaining a context map
  • Hosting your context map as a service
  • Training your mechanical-focussed developer to realize what doors data-driven development opens

Context map gives you...

  • Better overview of the features placed in the system
  • Faster access to contextual knowledge to drive an idea and to assess: Is there necessary data?
  • Quicker availability of detailed information, simulations, requirements, and tests
  • Easier implementation of features involving several systems

Your benefits

  • Enable your product to become an IoT device
  • Enter data-driven development of your products
  • Occupy new markets by incorporating digital business models with your core products as a starting point

We empower engineers

much more faster and secure

Creating consistent knowledge and expertise

Systems Engineering is a trendsetter when it comes to digitally sharing the latest ideas and development steps on a consistent basis during the entire product development process and life cycle, thus ensuring better knowledge management, better use of synergy effects, and the creation of values.

Sustainable and reproducible development

By connecting the virtual world to the real world, you can improve your forecasts and services, better identify optimization potential, increase your operational excellence and service quality, and ensure reproducible results at the same time.

Minimizing cost and risk

When it comes to building a new product, Systems Engineering helps minimise costs and risks, since physical prototypes can be saved, problems can be identified at an early stage, and the results can be reproduced.